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Why we love Brighton and Hove’s Seven Dials

Brighton and Hove is a big place, and if you don’t know the city, it can be daunting knowing which area of Brighton and Hove to rent in.

Seven Dials is one of the most sought-after areas of the city, so we have put together this blog piece to look at reasons why Seven Dials is so wonderful. 

Seven Dials sits on a hilltop ridge northwest of the city centre, just northwest of Brighton railway station. It is less than a mile from the seafront, which is partly why it’s such a desirable location.

It takes its name from the seven roads that radiate out from the hub of ‘The Dials’ from a roundabout controlled junction, which was one of the first types of roundabout junctions in the UK.

The ‘seven dials’ from this round about are:

  • Prestonville Road 
  • Chatham Place, leading to New England Road and Preston Circus – another major road junction
  • Buckingham Place, leading to the railway station by way of a sharply curving downhill slope
  • Dyke Road, one of the city’s main roads – leading to the city centre
  • Vernon Terrace, leading to Montpelier Road and the seafront
  • Goldsmid Road, leading into Davigdor Road and Cromwell Road into Hove
  • The northward continuation of Dyke Road, leading eventually to the Devil’s Dyke beauty spot on the South Downs

Apart from being a brilliant access point for many areas of the city, including the seafront, Seven Dials is home to many fantastic bars, restaurants, cafes and bakeries. This makes it a foodies dream location to rent in Brighton and Hove.

Some of our go to restaurants include Good Companions A classic English pub that serve a brilliant Sunday roast with all the trimmings. 

The Cow just a stone throw from Seven Dials roundabout which means it’s the perfect place for a few drinks and a bite to eat on a Friday night, before walking home, with no need for transport planning. 

If coffee and pastry is more your weekend treat, then Seven Dials has something for you. Small Batch Coffee is renowned for their coffee beans and will become your weekend craving after one sip.

The Flour Pot Bakery is a small, but perfectly formed bakery, who serve amazing sweet and savory treats, which are decorated beautifully too. 

Hellenic Bakery is one of our all round favourites and somewhere we used to visit daily when our offices were above.

Just one mile from Brighton’s city centre, less than a mile from the seafront and surrounded by history, it’s easy to see why Seven Dials is such a desirable location for tenants looking to Rent in Brighton and Hove. 

A five minute walk from town is Dyke Road Park with a cafe and tennis courts, plus BHASVIC Sixth Form College is there too! 

There is also a barbers, a beauty salon, a wine merchants, a deli, a florist, a great card and gift shop, plus a sustainable grocers shop, Kindly of Brighton all situated in the centre of Seven Dials. 

If you’re looking at kitting out your rented accommodation in Brighton and Hove, Berry and Sons is a used furniture store we highly recommend checking out. 

At Young Lee, we are always happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to choosing the right area of Brighton and Hove for you to rent in. Get in touch with us today on 01273 005599 or email

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