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Renting for the first time in Brighton and Hove

Here’s our recommended list of things to do beforehand.

Whether you are new to renting in Brighton and Hove, or you have lived here all of your life but looking to move, there are many things to look out for when looking to rent a new home in this fantastic city!

Renting can be a minefield and with so many properties to look at and choose from when letting in Brighton and Hove, it’s useful to have a checklist of things to do beforehand – so we have put one together for you to use when searching for your perfect property to rent in the city.

Expect to compromise

You may have a long wish list, but it’s important not to let a ‘nearly’ perfect home slip through your fingers because it doesn’t have outside space and a sea view. This is particularly true when looking to rent in Brighton and Hove, because property is rarely rife in the fantastic city.

Go with your gut

We often hear “I really like it, but it’s the first one I have seen” which is unfortunately followed by “oh, it’s gone? But I really liked that one.” Many renters in Brighton and Hove make the mistake of waiting to view more properties, but the property market can be buoyant and fast especially in the summer months so they miss out. Sometimes people looking to rent in Brighton or Hove think this is just a sales tactic by letting agents to sell properties, but this isn’t the case when renting here in the city, and all too often renters are left disappointed.

What questions should I ask?

Once you’ve picked a property to rent in Brighton & Hove, you may be wondering what questions to ask and how to secure it. Most letting agencies will require you to pay a holding deposit whilst references are sort, this can vary but should not be more than the equivalent of one weeks rental.

– We also advise running through any particulars of the tenancy before paying any monies. It’s important to check you meet the referencing criteria and that the length of tenancy has been confirmed etc before paying.

What should your letting agent be providing you with before or at your move in?

An outline of the tenancy particulars which should include the length of the tenancy, the rental price, the tenancy start date, and any clauses which you have negotiated.

A copy of the properties Energy Performance Certificate (EPCs)

A copy of the EICR (electrical installation condition report)

A copy of the prescribed information relating to the registration of your Deposit.

A copy of the property’s gas safety certificate (if gas is present in the property)

A copy of the properties inventory (sometimes things can get missed, for example, a stain on the carpet, so it’s important to raise this with your letting agent as soon as you spot it, as this will help protect your deposit further down the line.)

A copy of the Governments ‘How to Rent Guide’

A copy of the signed tenancy agreement. (This is basically a contract, usually written between the owner of a property and the person renting the property.)

Know what your rights as a tenant are:

It’s not all your responsibility when you choose to rent a property in Brighton & Hove, and you will legally be entitled to some basic rights. It’s a good idea to brush up on these so you know where you stand. For example, you have a right to privacy which means a landlord can’t just turn up unannounced and expect to come inside your home. They also can’t insist you to pay for things like general repairs and maintenance.

Metre readings:

Take note of any meter readings. Many letting agents do this for you but it’s handy to have your own copy for any future issues which may arise and to save time when setting up new suppliers of your gas and/or electric.

Contents insurance:

Arrange contents insurance for the property – you want to protect yourself from accidental damage to the property and to your contents inside. Many letting agents will be able to offer suggestions of companies, always worth asking them.

We hope you have found this list useful! You can print this off, save it to your phone, or make a mental note when you start viewing properties to rent in Brighton or Hove.

How else can Young Lee help?

At Young Lee, we are always happy to answer any questions you have on letting in Brighton & Hove, so just get in touch if you want to know more.

Don’t forget, you can view all of our current properties available to rent in Brighton and Hove here.

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