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Our super handy tick list of things to remember on moving day when renting in Brighton or Hove

You’ve found the perfect property to rent in Brighton or to rent in Hove. You wait with excitement for moving day, deciding in your mind where to put your favorite mirror and wondering if your huge TV will fit on the wall above the fireplace. But when the big day comes, what do you do first?

At Young Lee, we like to keep things as stress free as possible for you. So, we’ve put together this handy tick guide on what to remember when moving into your rented property in Brighton or Hove…. But remember don’t start all these things until the move in date has been confirmed and your agreement signed incase of any last minute glitches either side.

1 month before you move into your rented property in Brighton or Hove:

  • Prepare your packing materials, for example boxes, bubble wrap, newspapers for wrapping delicate items, etc. 
  • Book a removal van or ensure you have a vehicle available to help you move everything from A to B
  • Have a clear out to sell or bin any unwanted items. The less unwanted things you have to pack, transport and unpack, the quicker, easier (and cheaper!) it will be. 
  • Start packing your non-essential items. 
  • Book the day(s) off work that you will need for moving.

2 weeks before you move:

  • Arrange for your mail to be redirected.
  • Think about using up the food in your freezer.
  • Look into arranging gas, electric, phone and broadband in your new home.  It’s worth using comparison sites to get the best deal. 
  • If you’ve got children or pets, arrange childcare or consider putting your pets into boarding until you’ve moved fully and settled in for a couple of days.
  • Set up content’s insurance for your new home, which starts at midnight on the day you move in. 
  • Let friends and family know your new address and contact telephone number if it will change.
  • Parking – this can be difficult so ensure you leave time to find space if your new home doesn’t come with parking.  If you have a permit for the City now is the time to look into changing it if your zone changes with the move. 

1 week before you move:

  • Clean your old home (or arrange for a professional cleaner before you leave, get in touch if you need recommendations).
  • Tidy the garden.
  • Let the council and you utility companies know you are moving.
  • It’s time to get packing! 

Now is a good time to look at changing your address with the following:

  • Your bank
  • Your employer
  • HMRC
  • DVLA
  • Your GP/Dentist/Optician
  • TV licensing
  • Mobile phone company
  • Car insurance (new postcode may mean increase/decrease in your premium)
  • Credit cards, loans or car finance companies that you may owe money to
  • Your children’s school/college
  • Vet/cat or dog microchip will need updating too

The day before you move:

  • Pack a bag with essential items for each family member, so you have these to hand on the first night/day at your new home.
  • Box up the remaining items – we recommend leaving things to make a cuppa on the top of one of the boxes (and maybe a packet of biscuits too!) 

Moving day:

  • Get your final meter readings.
  • Make sure all the windows and doors are locked.
  • Check you’ve not left anything (or anyone!) behind.
  • Collect the keys to your new home! (YAY!) 
  • When you arrive in the property, we recommend you check the condition of it against any inventory that may have been prepared, you have a week to report any additional information /take additional  photos to us to help protect your deposit.
  • Take meter readings for your gas and electric (if you have both!) 

After you’ve moved:

If you haven’t done these previously, it’s a good idea to use this opportunity to double check the following…

  • Updating the electoral register 
  • Update HMRC with your new address
  • Update your address with the DVLA for both your driving license and car registration book.
  • Update your bank.
  • Update your doctor, optician and dentist – or look for a new one if you’re renting in Brighton or renting in Hove for the first time.
  • Let TV licensing know you’ve moved.
  • Update any insurance company (this could include contents, car, van, pet, healthcare etc.)
  • Make sure you tell your employer – lots of people forget this one!

Now you can relax and enjoy your new rented property in Brighton. There is so much to do in this wonderful city and if you need some ideas, we would be more than happy to share some of our favorite restaurants or places to visit with you.

On that note, we recommend your moving day dinner consists of fish and chips from your new nearest chippy! Ask for wooden sporks and you won’t even need to worry about washing up! A great way to welcome you to the coast!

At Young Lee, we are always happy to answer any questions you have on Lettings in Brighton, so just get in touch if you want to know more. 

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