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Our Top Tips on What Makes a Great Tenant!

A good landlord will go to great lengths to find a good tenant for their property in Brighton and Hove. They will want tenants who have a proven track record of financial responsibility and a record of rule-abiding behavior. 

Although these are essential, landlords will hope for more than this. There are many qualities which can make a renter in Brighton and Hove stand out as the perfect tenant in their landlord’s eyes. 

We’ve put together our top points that make a great tenant.

  • Pays the rent

Paying rent, on time, is the single most important job a tenant is responsible for.  It’s most likely that the landlord depends on the rent to make a mortgage payment on the rental property, so paying rent late can be a huge financial burden for your landlord. 

  • Treats the property like their own

Taking pride in your rental property and taking care of it will not only ensure the return of your security deposit, but also helps you get a good landlord recommendation should you decide to move in the future. 

Most of the maintenance responsibilities fall on the landlord but tenants may be required to maintain basic maintenance such as mowing the lawn, cleaning windows and changing light bulbs. A good tenant will make sure they do this. 

  • Communication

A landlord will want to hear about small problems before they turn into a big, expensive problem – for example a small leak before it turns into a big one. 

  • Not letting someone live there who isn’t on the lease 

A lease agreement is there to protect both the tenants and the landlord. It has to be signed by anyone over the age of 18 living in the property. A good tenant will not sneak in any secret roommates (or pets!) and should notify their landlord if they plan on having long-term visitors. 

  • Cleanliness

A good tenant will keep the property clean and undamaged. 

  • Staying put!

A desirable tenant will want to renew a lease agreement and hopefully live in the property for a long time. Managing tenant turnover is expensive and time consuming for a landlord, so doing this as little as possible is best for a landlord. 

  • Following the lease terms and conditions

A standard lease will prohibit any illegal activity. A landlord will want all rules followed so there are no legitimate grounds for eviction, which is both expensive and stressful for landlords. 

  • Having insurance 

Renters insurance helps cover the cost of replacing a tenant’s property should it come to harm. It can also cover the cost of damage caused to the property by negligence. If the tenant has insurance, the homeowner won’t be left with a bill due to a tenant being unable to cover the cost of damage to the property. 

  • Being honest 

The final and possibly biggest point that makes a great tenant, is honesty! If something happens that can negatively impact the tenant’s financial situation and rent becomes unaffordable, communication and honesty is key for both parties to be able to resolve the situation. 

At Young Lee, we’re experts in lettings – Many of the properties we let come fully-managed in Brighton and Hove meaning that as a tenant you deal with us directly rather than your landlord. This helps keeps things simple and ensures you/your landlord aren’t waiting around when enquiries arise. 

We are always happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have when it comes to renting in Brighton and Hove. Get in touch with us today on 01273 005599 or email

Don’t forget, you can view all of our current properties available to rent in Brighton and Hove here. 

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