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Our Favourite Street Art in Brighton and Hove!

Brighton and Hove has an international reputation for its incredible and original street artwork, which can be found across the city.

At Young Lee, we are lucky enough to have a piece right outside of our office, which features a brown Great Dane dog peeping excitedly out of a hole in the wall, and this got us thinking about our favourite pieces of Street Art around the city.

If you follow us on Instagram (@youngleelettings) you will know we are often on the lookout for fun and colourful artwork dotted around. In this blog, we explore some of our favourite pieces and share them with you. 

We can’t write a blog on Street Art in Brighton without mentioning the Prince Albert pub, near Brighton Station. It is home to Banksy’s famous ‘Kissing Policemen’ and is covered from top to bottom in colourful artwork, including the famous mural dedicated to legendary musicians. 

There are many pieces of incredible art throughout the city, which of course, are constantly being updated and changing, but there are currently lots of interesting pieces to see at Fredrick Street, Cannon Place, Hanover, in the North Laine and Dukes Lane too. 

Mick Mowgli is one of our favourite Street Artists and is responsible for many incredible pieces around our city. We’re currently loving his portrait of Sir Patrick Stewart which is on the side of a building near our office in Brighton, and his commissioned shark piece for Fat Boy Slim at The Big Beach Café. 

You can see photos of these incredible pieces below but better still, take a walk around the city and look for the bright pieces of artwork in real life.

If you’re renting in Brighton and Hove, or own a property to let in Brighton and Hove, it’s guaranteed you’re not far away from a brightly coloured house or work of art. 

We’d love you to get in touch with your favourite pieces! Tag us on Instagram -@youngleelettings – and we will be sure to take a look. We’re experts in Brighton Lettings so if you need any assistance finding your perfect property contact us. 

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