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Moving house in Brighton and Hove during COVID-19

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With the country in lockdown, we are spending more time at home than ever before.

For some of us, this is a chance to enjoy our home comforts, whilst for many it’s a chance to do the DIY we have needed to do for years.

For others, it’s presented a realisation that it’s time to move on and move out.

If you’re looking at moving in Brighton or Hove during COVID-19, Young Lee is here to help.  

We have a variety of property lettings in Brighton and Hove and the good news is that the housing market in England will remain open during this national lockdown; this means if you’re planning on moving during COVID-19 in Brighton, all associated activities can continue as before.

This article provides advice to those moving in Brighton or Hove during the pandemic in accordance with the national lockdown announced on 4th January 2021.

Here are our ‘need to knows’ on moving in Brighton during COVID-19:

Keeping yourself and others safe

One of the simplest steps you can take to keep safe when moving during the pandemic is to follow latest government guidance of regularly washing your hands, keeping 2 metres distance from each other where possible and wearing a face covering when in close contact with others at any point during the moving process.

Expect more to be done online

You are free to move home in Brighton during the COVID-19 pandemic, however, along with other professionals, we may modify how we work by moving more online to reduce the risk from COVID-19.

You can view our current properties to let in Brighton and Hove here.

Where possible, we will carry out initial viewings virtually and we’ll be able to help you with this. We also advise anyone planning to visit our offices to contact us first to arrange an appointment. We also request that you wear a face covering during all viewings, unless medically exempt. There is more on viewings below.

Viewing rules

Viewings will be made by appointment only, and we ask people to wear face coverings and only the person/people wishing to live there attend the viewings. As mentioned virtual viewings are available. We also ask that you avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily throughout your appointment and recommend washing your hands or using hand sanitiser regularly.

If people are being shown around your home, we ask that you vacate the property while the viewing takes place, to minimise unnecessary contact. We also ask that doors are left open to reduce the need to touch surfaces, where this is safe and possible.

We also recommend door handles are cleaned before and after each viewing, and will not allow open house or back-to-back viewings to take place to ensure sufficient cleaning can take place in between each viewing.

If anyone in the property being viewed, or anyone viewing the property has symptoms of COVID or is self-isolating, the in-person viewing should be delayed.

If you are particularly worried about the risk of infection, please contact us to discuss, as we may be able to put extra precautions in place.

Making a reservation on a property

You are free to make an offer or reserve a property as normal, but you should be prepared for possible delays when moving during the pandemic in Brighton or Hove.

If you wish to view a property again, for example to measure up, this can be discussed, and when agreed, you will need to make sure all previously mentioned hygiene measures are followed.

The same rules apply for tradesmen; where possible any visits to the property should be agreed in advance, social distancing should be practiced where the resident can’t leave the property during the work and hand washing should be a priority.

At no stage during the moving process should a person enter a property if anyone involved is showing signs of COVID or is self-isolating.

Being flexible

As with viewings, if someone in the chain has symptoms of COVID or are self-isolating, you could have to wait to move. You should not expect to move into a property where people are ill or self-isolating. 

Your legal adviser can consider any necessary measures to help make sure any contracts or agreements accommodate this risk. You should protect yourself against any sudden change in circumstances that could lead to unexpected costs. Your legal adviser can advise on a “Covid Clause” in your contract to guard against this.

You should be prepared to be flexible when moving in Brighton during COVID-19.

Packing and moving

The current government advice is to do as much packing and moving yourself as possible. We know that in some circumstances, that is not always possible, so extra precautions are recommended, for example:

  • Regular hand cleaning using different towels/hand towels to dry your hands.
  • Cleaning your belongings before they are handled by anyone else.
  • Leaving all doors open.
  • Not providing refreshments.
  • Maintain social distancing or wear a face covering where this is not possible.

You may want to deep clean the property you’re moving into, especially when moving during COVID-19 in Brighton, as a deep clean by a professional cleaning company may put you at ease.  

With many of us spending more and more time at home, living in a property you love has never been more important to us.

There are still plenty of property lettings in Brighton and Hove available and Young Lee is here to guide and advise you, as well as keep you safe while moving in Brighton and Hove during the pandemic.

If you’re looking for properties to rent in Brighton or properties to rent in Hove, let us do the searching for you.

Get in touch with us today on 01273 005599 or email

We can’t wait to hear from you.

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